Barbara Meinardo

Real Estate Intermediary

With a special consideration for your property

barbara meinardo


I deal with sale and purchase in all their steps, including bare ownership, rental of apartments, lofts, prestigious villas, entire buildings, and garages, located in Piedmont and also in other areas of Italy and abroad, thanks to the collaboration with colleagues sharing my values and who can manage site visits.

Thanks to my fluency in English and French, communication with foreign clients and colleagues is even easier and greatly appreciated. The properties I deal with are proposed and promoted on the best real estate portals in order to obtain maximum visibility; Besides, I still believe in the importance of posting a sign, where permitted by the property. I manage some particular assets confidentially, providing information only upon specific written request.


I assist my clients, supporting them until the conclusion, for either the sale or purchase, of commercial premises, labs and offices, as well as hotels and warehouses with the utmost attention to details, documentation, customer needs and confidentiality. I dedicate particular attention to the analysis of all the documentation provided by the client. In case of any kind of non-compliance or particular issues, I report them to the owner to find together, with the support of specific technicians, the best possible solution, so that we can treat the property in the best possible way from the beginning and avoid unpleasant delays in concluding a negotiation.

barbara meinardo
barbara meinardo

Verified Evaluations

I provide accurate evaluations, in the residential and commercial-industrial sectors, of individual properties or property portfolios; very often, people contact me in case of succession, inheritance or simple alienation of property or lease. My evaluations relate to the territory and the market background; they are based on my experience, on my knowledge of the current prices and on the comparison of similar properties that are already on the market.

The variables are different, the factors change in relation to the type of property. It is essential to know how to identify the most probable market value – both in the case of sale or lease – of an asset, and explain to the owner how we got to that value, especially, given the great variations in recent years, in order not to deceive the owner with unattainable values.

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